Chandra Mantra Meaning, Benefits

Lord Chandra or God of the Moon is one of the most important planets which has an impact on every person’s horoscope. The ruling deity of the planet Chandra, the moon or Soma, is the one who rules the minds of the people. The influence of the planet moon on a person’s horoscope can give many favorable results, as well as unfavorable ones. Chanting the mantra Chandra can help alleviate suffering due to the distressed position of the moon in the horoscope and increase the positive results of the auspicious moon in a person’s birth chart. Here are some selected Chandra mantras and their meanings.

Chandra Beej Mantra

Om Som Somaya Namah

This Chandra beej mantra is made of a single beej of Lord Chandra.

Navagraha Chandra Shanti Mantra:

“Dhadhishankatusharabham Ksaheerodharnava SambhavamTamami Sashim Somam Shambhur Mukuta Bhushanam”

The resplendent Moon god emanated while churning the ocean of milk by the gods and demons in pursuit of the immortal nectar. The cool planet is the crown jewel adorning the matted head of Lord Shiva. Lord Chanra appears in the hue of curds, conch and snow.

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Chandra Beej Mantra:

“Om Shraam Shreem Shraum Sah Chandraya Namah”
This mantra is composed of the select seed sounds that represent the Chandra Graha. Chanting this mantra regularly can work on the subtle consciousness and enhance the mental powers of man.

Chandra Dhyan Mantra:

Shvetambharah Shveta Vibhushanascha Shveta DhuyatirDandadharo DvibahuhuChandro Mrutatma Varadhah Kireeti Mayi Prasadam Vidhdhatu Devah”
Lord Chandra is of white complexion and wears white color clothes and is adorned in white color ornaments. Let the Lord illumine my intelligence and breathe more confidence into my heart.

Chandra Gayatri Mantra:

”Om Padmadwajaya Vidhmahe Hema roopaya DheemaheThanno Chandra Prachodayath.”
I bow down to Lord Chandra who has a flag of a lotus. He shines in the brilliant color of gold. Let Lord Chandra illumine my intellect and shed light on my path.

॥ How to Chant Chandra Mantra ॥

  1. Hindu mythology says chanting Chandra mantra is the surest way to please Lord Chandra and win his blessings for a happy and prosperous life.
  2. Wake bath early in the morning and chant the chosen Chandra mantra in front of the picture of Lord Chandra. Understand the meaning of the mantra to maximize its benefits.
  3. The positive vibrations of the chanting of Chandra mantra help offset the negative effects of the position of moon.
  4. The ideal time to chant the Chandra mantra is the Monday of a bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha).
  5. The perfect counting for the best results of chanting Chandra mantra is 18 malas or 18 X 108 times. Benefits of chanting Chandra mantra.
  6. Moon is the god of human minds. Chanting Chandra mantra can help clear the confusion of the mind and enhance the power of the mind.
  7. Lord Chandra can help enhance beauty, brilliance, eyesight, memory and mental faculties. These aspects are sharpened with the chanting of these mantras.
  8. Chanting Chandra mantra regularly can help enhance the positive results of moon’s position in the horoscope while mitigating the negative effects.
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