Phalguna Masam Festivals – Phalguna Month

Phalguna Masam is the 12th month as per the traditional Hindu calendar. During this month the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. The new change in nature can be seen commencing from Vasant Panchami till Phalgun Purnima. Ramayana War started on Phalguna Bahula Padyami. The war between Lord Rama’s brother Lakshmana and Ravana … Read more

Magham Masam Festivals – Magha Month

The month in which the Moon will be at or nearer to the constellation of Makhah (Maghah) nakshatra on the full moon day that month is calculated as Maagha Masam. This occurs between January and February. Magham is a Sanskrit word Ma+Agham. Ma means not present and Agham means sin, evil, suffering, grief and Magha … Read more

Pushya Masam Festivals – Pausa – Pousha

Pushya Masam or Pushya month is the tenth month and this calendar is followed in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujarat. Pushya Masam is considered an inauspicious month for rituals like Marriages, Griha Pravesh, Engagements, etc. The deity representing the month is Sriman Narayana. Full moon falling on Pushya nakshatra in the month … Read more

Margasira Masam Festivals – Agrahayana

Margasira Masam is the 9th month in the Hindu calendar. The month got its name after Mrigasira Nakshatra/star when coincides with the full moon day of the month. The month is also known as Agrahayana which is considered as the month of the equinox. The meaning of Agra is elder and that of Ayana is … Read more

Karthika Masam Festivals – Kartika – Kartik – Kartika

Karthika Masam or Kartika or Kartik or Kartika falls between late October and early December, it is the most auspicious month to worship Lord Shiva and obtain his grace for good health, mental balance and deep meditations. During the month of Karthika, it is very good to get up early in the morning and do … Read more

Ashwayuja Masam Festivals – Ashwin – Ashvin – Ashwan

Aswayuja Masam is named after star Ashwini. If the star during the Purnima month’s is Ashwini, it is called Aswayuja or Ashwayuja Masam. Aswayuja Masam is the seventh month according to the Telugu calendar and this month is glorified as “ESHA” in the Vedas. Many festivals are celebrated in Ashwayuja Masam. The most important are … Read more

Sravana Masam Festivals – Sravanamasam

Shravan (Maas) Month begins in Southern & Western States of India (Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu). Shravana Masa is the lunar month that begins two weeks after Guru Purnima occurs. When we worship Mother Lakshmi during the month of Shravana, She drives away the three sufferings, Restlessness, worry, and depression. During … Read more

Bhadrapada Masam Festivals – Bhadra Month – Shunya Masam

Bhadrapada Month is the Sixth month in Hindu Traditional Calendar. Bhadrapada month is not good for Marriages, Gruhapavesams and any other auspicious function at home is considered as Shunya Masam. This is also the second month of the Rainy Season, There are many rituals and festivals that are celebrated to overcome the ill effects of … Read more

Ashada Masam Festivals – Asadha Month

Ashada Masam ( Aadi in Tamil) is entirely dedicated to Prayer and Worship. This is the beginning of Dakshinayan, in other words, evening time for Devas. ॥ ఆషాఢ మాసములో విశేష తిథులు ॥ పురీ జగన్నాథ రథ యాత్ర – Puri Jagannadh Rath Yatra స్కంధ పంచమి – Skanda Panchami దేవశయనీ ఏకాదశి – Devshayani Ekadashi తొలి ఏకాదశి – Toli … Read more

Jyeshta Masam Festivals – Jyaistha – Jyeshtha – Jyeshtha – Jyestha

Jyeshta Masa is the third month in a traditional Hindu Telugu calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Some of the auspicious days of the month include Ganga Dashara, Nirjala Ekadasi and Vata Savitri Puja. ॥ జ్యేష్ఠ మాసములో విశేష తిథులు ॥ రంభా తృతీయ – Rambha Tritiya దశపాపహర గంగా దశమి – Ganga Dashara నిర్జల ఏకాదశి – … Read more