Murugaa Murugaa Enraal Urugaadho in English

॥ Murugaa Murugaa Endral Urugatho English Lyrics ॥

muruga muruga enral urugado unran ullam
varuvay varuvay enral parivddu varayo

orukal urai seydalum un padam ninaindalum
arule tandidum kanda allum paghalum nan

ariyadu nan seyda pizhaiyal ni veruttayo
anbe vadivam konda azhaga ni sinandayo
siriyen en kuraiyellam porutte arul seyvay
sendil managar vazhum devadi devane

॥ Murugaa Murugaa Endral Urugatho Meaning ॥

When you utter “, Muruga” won’t your heart yield to my plea? When I invite you to my abode won’t you come with compassion?

Even if I mention your name once or meditate on your feet, you provide me, your grace. Hence I utter your name day and night.

Did you dislike me for any errors I committed inadvertently? You are the manifestation of love and beauty. Did you get angry at me? Please put up with my deficiencies, O, Lord of lords who dwells in tiruchchendUr!

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Murugan Song » Murugaa Murugaa Enraal Urugaadho in Tamil

Murugaa Murugaa Enraal Urugaadho in English
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