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॥ Guha Panchakam Tamil Lyrics ॥

ஓங்கார-நக³ரஸ்த²ம் தம் நிக³மாந்த-வநேஶ்வரம் ।
நித்யமேகம் ஶிவம் ஶாந்தம் வந்தே³ கு³ஹம் உமாஸுதம் ॥ 1 ॥

வாசாமகோ³சரம் ஸ்கந்த³ம் சிது³த்³யாந-விஹாரிணம் ।
கு³ருமூர்திம் மஹேஶாநம் வந்தே³ கு³ஹம் உமாஸுதம் ॥ 2 ॥

ஸச்சித³நந்த³ரூபேஶம் ஸம்ஸார-த்⁴வாந்த-தீ³பகம் ।
(ௐ ஶ்ரீ) ஸுப்³ரஹ்மண்யம் அநாத்³யந்தம் வந்தே³ கு³ஹம் உமாஸுதம் ॥ 3 ॥

ஸ்வாமிநாத²ம் த³யாஸிந்து⁴ம் ப⁴வாப்³தே:⁴ தாரகம் ப்ரபு⁴ம் ।
நிஷ்கலங்கம் கு³ணாதீதம் வந்தே³ கு³ஹம் உமாஸுதம் ॥ 4 ॥

நிராகாரம் நிராதா⁴ரம் நிர்விகாரம் நிராமயம் ।
நிர்த்³வந்த்³வம் ச நிராலம்ப³ம் வந்தே³ கு³ஹம் உமாஸுதம் ॥ 5 ॥

॥ Guha Panchakam Meaning ॥

Salutations to Guha the son of Uma,
Who lives in the sound Om,
Who owns the forest of Vedantha,
Who is forever stable,
Who is peaceful
And who is peace himself.

Salutations to Guha the son of Uma,
Who is beyond the reach of words,
Who is Skanda,
Who lives in the garden of meditation,
Who is an ideal teacher,
And who is worshipped even by Lord Shiva.

Salutations to Guha the son of Uma,
Who is the personification of truth, god and happiness,
Who provides light to cross the darkness of life,
Who is called Subrahmanya,
And who does not have end nor beginning,

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Salutations to Guha the son of Uma,
Who is the Lord of God,
Who is the ocean of mercy,
Who is the bridge to cross the ills of life,
Who is great,
Who is without any blemish,
And who is beyond the concept of qualities.

Salutations to Guha the son of Uma,
Who is without any form.
Who does not depend on anyone,
Who neither becomes happy nor sad,
Who is forever,
Who does not have another similar to him,
And who does not have attachments.

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